A New Manifesto for The Roar Party

Outline for a manifesto.

We want to have a a democratic revolution, our current system is well out of date, voting for people that originally maybe took days to get to Westminster, so it made sense to elect a representative that could vote for you. But we have moved on, today we could do away with the house of lords, use the house of commons as a debating chamber then have e-voting on important issues. Maybe we could keep a small selection of the lords for the committees.

There are 600,000 to one million people that are in the country illegally, we would use the army and security services to deport these people.

The same with the 25,000 jahadis and those on the watch list that have arrived here from Syria or other countries, we would track them down and deport them and their families..

The NHS would be for British Residents and those with British Residency, all visitors and short terms residents that have been here less than 5 years would have to have their own medical insurance.

British football teams would have to have a squad of 65% British, this is to build up our own talent and for The English Team, this would include the managers.

We would use The Army initially on our ports and entry systems to back up border security until we could re-stablish our Customs Service.

We would have a zero response to crime and build our police force so that we could re-establish the rule of law here. Rebuild or build new police stations so that we can talk to the Police and report crime properly. It is ridiculous that crimes like Burglary only have 5% of cases solved.

As for Gun, Knife and Acid crime we would have a very strong response, we would have an amnesty for six months then have a six month martial law period where anybody carrying an illegal gun in public would be taken to a place of execution and the army would execute them at dawn the next morning. There is a war on our streets and its time we dealt with it.

We would legalise drugs, this would have some serious advantages , addicts would be identified and helped, it would do away with the drug gang culture. On top of this it would be a powerful help to our exchequer.

We would have free university education system for the top 10% as it used to be.

We would be totally behind Brexit and we would have to have a hard border with Ireland, after all Southern Ireland wasn't even on our side in WW11.

We would follow The New Zealand proposal to only allow British Residents and those with residency to buy domestic properties. We think that Chinese and Russian people are using our domestic housing stock as an investment and pricing ordinary English people out. We would give those people two years to sell their properties.

We would bill The EU for the use of our infrastructure, for their immigrants that have come here in the last ten years.

We would only allow English businesses to trade here as in Switzerland where they have a rule that companies there have to have 65% Swiss ownership. This would stop the multinationals that have their accounting in other countries like Luxembourg, Ireland or America.

Foreign nationals that are in Prison would deported and free up space to allow more prosecutions and also give more time to treat prisoners that need help mentally or try different methods to educate and rehabilitate them.

Youngsters that are out of work would be signed up for a youth service this would be used to help countries that need help with some infrastructure projects , like dig wells, lay water piping, help with education, so that they would experience some of the world and make them realise, how well off we are in this country with our infrastructure and our organisation, like NHS, roads, trains and our way of life.