We believe that we ought to have The Best National Health Service in the World.
There is so much wrong with The National Health Service at the moment millions of people waiting to be treated, People imprisoned in their homes because they can't get out while they wait for Cataract, Varicose Vein ,  Knee replacement, Hip Replacement surgery. The Government are  trying even now while immigration is running at hundreds of thousands, to recruit Doctors and Nurses from abroad because they are scrimping on training our own people, even making the nurses pay for their training. Closing more and more Hospitals even though our population has gone from 60 million, to who really knows ? is it 80 million now, one of the problems is that The Government don't even know, through their betrayal of us by allowing open borders with no checks in and out, of exactly how many there are in our Country.
 Ofcourse  this is a broad outline of what The Roar Party believes, but the important thing to remember, this is not a manifesto, that will be decided by party members voting on issues, and there will be a vote on this subject by the people, REALITY POLITICS WILL LIVE !