This time its over the crime figures they kept telling us they were going down when we all knew it was getting worse. I was talking to a Police Sargent recently from Newham and he told me there was a shooting or stabbing every day, he told me when he got into work that day there were 57 incidents for him to investigate. The Police are overwhelmed they just can't cope with the amount of crime, he also told me a high percentage of that crime is being perpetrated by migrants of one sort or another. I have an answer here come out of Europe, get rid of the European Human Rights and lets get down to tackling these people. Ask the European migrants politely to go home. The people who commit gun crime are putting themselves outside the normal laws of society, let us treat them as such. There is a war going on in the streets lets treat them as such, we will propose a six month period of amnesty on weapons guns and knives, and after that we will propose six months of martial law when anybody caught carrying an unlicensed gun in a public place, should be taken to a place of execution and shot the next morning at dawn. We need more Bobbies on the beat this not only puts them in front of the public but when they are out there they pick up all sorts of information about what is happening in an area. Take away the targets led policing, take away a lot of the paperwork lets get down to some old-fashioned policing. CCTV cameras should never be used to prosecute people but as aid to the police to enable them to do their job more efficiently.

22,000 Rapes a year 4,000 at Knifepoint.

According to the BBC.  There were 22,116 recorded rapes in the year to June, a rise of 29% on the year before, police figures released by the Office for National Statistics show.
Although Rape Crisis England and Wales present a different story they say there were approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales alone every year; that's roughly 11 rapes (of adults alone) every hour. These figures include assaults by penetration and attempts.

So Mrs May here is another result of your complete failure to protect us.  During your time as Home Secretary you have run down The Police Force so they are totally unable to protect us any longer, you have run down The Fire Service, you have run down The Prison Service  so they are incapable of doing their job properly. Is this another case of someone that is totally useless at their job being promoted ?

And now even worse you are really lagging behind on Brexit.

The Roar Party is The Only Party  that will give you The People  a vote on important issues. 

Let's empty our prisons of people that shouldn't be in the country and deport them immediately  any refugees or asylem seekers convicted of Knife Crime to be deported immediately. Any refugees or asylem seekers that have been in the country less than five years and are still on benefits to be deported.