The Lords this week voted against the British People, its time we got rid of this Anarchial system, where they can vote against the wishes of The British People. Now we know there are some expert people in the house of Lords that do amazing work on special committees, but they have outlived their use. With e-voting on important issues we can do away with The Lords. Off with their heads and that of The British Monarchy.

  Its rediculous saying we can't have a border with Ireland, we can have a technical border between two Irelands similar to they have in Switzerland but we must have a border with England, otherwise The Immigrants will simply just flood here across The Irish Sea. 

We will come out of A federal Europe
Regain control on our destiny.


No more European Human Rights, we want rights for our people not the criminals and hangers on.
Regain control on our fisheries, put heart back into British Agriculture, we will build our own warships and encourage English Manufacturing. We want Britain first where British taxpayers money is spent on British jobs, no more German  ambulances, German Police cars, we want to see Government money spent on British jobs, not German and French jobs.

After all we have the best brains and ideas in the World. We will have business and Science think tanks to consider new manufacturing ideas. We will institute a Ministry of Business and cut down on Red Tape.


Of course this is a broad outline of what The Roar Party believes, but the important thing to remember, this is not a manifesto, that will be decided by party members voting on issues, and there will be a vote on this subject by the people, REALITY POLITICS WILL LIVE !