No more houses, cars, televisions, mobile phones
for immigrants and asylum seekers

There is a story in the paper a while ago that sumed this up :-
There are Eight Afghan migrants living in a seven bedroom property in Ealing. Their �170,000 a year rent is paid for by the taxpayer, family member Jawad Saledi described it as winning the lottery. Can you imagine the total costs to the taxpayer, when benefits, schooling, and health are added to these costs, Just what are this family doing here, Afghanistan is more stable now, we must have some space on a Hercules going out there lets just ship them back. My idea of asylem is that the people should go to the nearest safe country to origin not migrate to live half way round the world, especially when they come here just to sponge off us.

We are tired of people coming here because we are such a soft touch, anyone that has come here and been here for a period without a job should be deported, we can't afford to keep the World.