We don't think this is a subject government should be involved in.

A real English tradition for hundreds of years in the British Countryside. We will let the people decide on this subject.

We support The Countryside Alliance in their bid to keep hunting. Indeed John E Rolfe (of The Roar Party ) and his very Good friend Don Good (R.I.P )featured on the front page of The Sun on an alliance march with fists raised and whistles blowing.

We want to be able to protest around Parliament wthout the state intervening, we especially supported Brian Hawes while he was alive, what a man of integrity (especially compared to a lot of politicians ).

Years ago Baroness Mallalieu defended our freedom of speech in general

Thursday, 12 June 2008

President of the Countryside Alliance Baroness Mallalieu QC, this week made a powerful case for the right to demonstrate in the area around Parliament, saying: �.... this House is the people�s House, this square is Parliament Square, and it may be very convenient for the authorities to say the demonstration should take place down on the South Bank or elsewhere, but noise and things that are unsightly or things that are inconvenient or irritating to MPs are things which have to be tolerated in a parliamentary democracy...."

Of course this is a broad outline of what The Roar Party believes, but the important thing to remember, this is not a manifesto, that will be decided by party members voting on issues, and there will be a vote on this subject by the people, REALITY POLITICS WILL LIVE !

We need people to stand as MP's and organise The Party locally, and we would be especially pleased to welcome people from The Countryside Alliance, we know these people and recognise that they stand for middle England. How The Government stood by and watched their marches, and ignored them we will never know because we considered that middle England was on the march, let those voices really be heard with The Roar Party, lets hear them ROAR ! Contact us at


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